About our European Project EhUman

About our European Project EhUman

Dear Sir/Madam, visitor and to whom it may concern,

My name is Joan Nederlof. I’m an actress, a writer and artistic director of theatregroup mugmetdegoudentand. Which is an impossible name, also in Dutch, and which means the musquito with the golden tooth.

We were founded in 1985. So we started to make theatre before the Berlin wall went down as a bunch of young and unformed actors. We didn’t want to play repertoire. We wanted to make our own plays out of novels, newspapers, diaries, letters, films, interviews, stories and personal experiences. And from the start we wanted to grasp the spirit of the age. Say something about ourselves, the world around us and the relationship between those two. Our motto was and still is: It Is Now.

And now the world around us is still complex and changing rapidly in a disturbing way.

A few years ago I realised I knew very little about the European Union. Which striked me as strange considering the importance and power of Bruxelles. So I did some research and made a little show, a solo, about a fictional Dutch European Commissionair who’s carreer is strikingly similar to the carreer of Frans Timmermans; the real Dutch European Commissionair. So it started with curiosity and lack of knowledge, but along the way a lot of questions came up. Especially about the triangle nationstate, Europe and democracy. 

By making this small show I realised I made it completely (aware and probably very unaware) out of my Dutch point of view.

Dutch Culture heard about this show and was interested and asked me if I was able to perform during this Forum on European Culture. A performance leading to a discussion. And of course I was interested. Not only because of this interesting Forum, but also because we are looking for partners for our European Project. I’m curious about other people's point of view. The idea is that theatre groups from very different European countries also make a small show about a fictional European Commissionair. So that we will have about five performances which we can play all over Europe. And after that, in 2020, we can bring all these fictional Commissionairs together for an international meeting on stage about issues of our mutual future.

So my question is:

‘Are there professional theatremakers in your country that could be interested in a theatre project about the human side of the EU in co-production with mugmetdegoudentand’?


Best regards,

Joan Nederlof



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